We all love what we do! We create new worlds, innovative and convincing spaces for our customers. In doing so, we benefit from an interdisciplinary team that is passionate about its goal.

Natascha Merz

Owner, Dipl. Ing. interior designer

We understand change as an opportunity. In the team of Merz INNEN.ARCHITEKTUR we work as service providers and are always looking for tailor-made solutions for our customers. My focus is on the overall management of the office and the accurate implementation and completion of our projects.

Nicole Willert

Works for 15 years as a graduate interior designer

Rooms, the interior design of it, should always be made for the people, both in the private and the public sector. They should appeal to the senses and emotions. My goal is to give each project its own concept, which is developed in an exciting way using materials, colors and light.

Zeliha Küpeli

Works for 15 years as a graduate Dipl. Ing. architect

The desire for a creative activity has always been my guiding principle. Listening, understanding, analysing, creating living spaces for people, making visions come true, fill me out professionally. “I prefer painting rather than speaking. Painting is faster and offers fewer lies.” – Le Corbusier

Eva Lux

Works for 12 years as a Dipl. Ing. interior designer

Lines become objects, paper plans become rooms, are transformed into something tangible, something you can walk on. To be able to experience the results of my own work in this way is something special for me. Just like interior design with all its challenges, which demands a new creative solution for every task.

Susanne Thill

Brand consulting & project management

A brand creates identity – internally and externally. It defines the character of a company, which can also be developed from design guidelines such as colour/form worlds, light and shadow, materials and even furniture. I support this Look & Feel in the team conceptually so that your new office feels “pleseant”.

Axel Schneider

Communication Designer

Design is a process that also leads through turns, intersections and one-way streets. What appeals to me is that I can take solution-oriented, complex paths with a great team for MERZ INNEN.ARCHITEKTUR in order to find the best results. Architecture as a hobbyhorse. Gemini as a zodiac sign.