Slide Architecture from the inside — according to the needs of our customers. More Slide Covid-19 — Impact for a new working culture. More Slide Portfolio property or new construction: We reinterpret work spaces. More Slide Interior Architecture
with Identity —
We transfer your corporate identity
into spatial concepts.

We develop visionary work spaces

We think architecture from the inside out.

Our focus is on understanding your working environment, then conceiving it creatively and finally implementing it in a meaningful and adequate way. From a piece of furniture to the entire building, exactly according to your needs. For over 20 years!

We change perspectives in order to perceive potentials.
Together with you, we develop the optimal concept that fits to your company and its requirements in terms of construction, spaces, processes and atmosphere. We work agile and think future- and solution-oriented. In doing so, we unfold all the potential of your office space. From pragmatic to high-end – we see ourselves as a service provider based on partnership. Our solutions give your team and your building real added value at all levels. We get the best out of your property. We would appreciate your call.

Covid-19 — Impact for new working culture.
We will be happy to advise you on space optimization and hygienic standards.

Our product offering

New building with character

Smart Working in multispace for communication, collaboration and concentration.

Existing Real Estate with perspective

Developing the potential of buildings — cost/benefit, fire protection and guidelines always in view.

Tenant fit-out with vision

Understanding the needs of all parties. Design and coordinating fair solutions for commercial lessors and tenants.

Interior design with identity

Into the future with corporate architecture. We transfer your corporate identity into your working environment.

Insight into our
work process

MIA CIRCLE — Launch of the series: Natascha Merz

Agile working is
trendy — Boost thanks
to Covid-19

Covid-19 moves us across
all industries. Let’s use it as
an opportunity to rethink!

That we have done! My team from MERZ INNEN.ARCHITEKTUR and I have thought a lot about new work concepts. We have conducted background talks and studied surveys. The result: New Work remains highly relevant. Focus on flexible changes.

What can we learn from the present situation in order to apply it in the future in a modified form and on the pulse of time?

There will be more desk sharing, more demand for activity-based work. What is also new is a greater involvement of HR departments in the workplace design of the future. The home office has been upgraded. According to surveys, 80% of employees can imagine continuing to work from home or other places for a day or two. This offers employees flexibility, but also a need to quickly feel part of the team again on days of presence in the office. It should feel like an arrival, a feeling of well-being. We think the identity of the employer will play an even greater role with corporate architecture.

We at MERZ INNEN.ARCHITEKTUR have adapted our range of services. We work – as always – closely with our clients and listen first. But: The subsequent implementation varies. Some companies want to reduce their office space and rent flexible workstations in other buildings. Commercial lessors look for the best solution to find tenants who are satisfied in the long term. Or the tenants are looking for options to implement their individual Flexible Work concept combined with hygienic requirements. We have plenty of ideas. And we have many years of experience in thinking from our customers’ perspective, changing perspectives and creating new potential. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We understand your space!


Here we inform you about current projects, awards and studies on modern work, about articles and innovations around the office worlds of MERZ INNEN.ARCHITEKTUR. Our series MIA Circle is also published here with changing contributions on the topic of flexible working.


The home office has been upgraded in recent months. We are interested in how you are doing with it. What works well? What could be better? When would you like to go to the office and when do you prefer to stay in your home office? Write to us:

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Current Projects

Evonik's new building in Hanau has been completed. MERZ INNEN.ARCHITEKTUR has developed an innovative concept for the interior design of the representation areas on the ground floor.

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Current Projects

SAP’s employees will occupy the new high-rise in Eschborn today. This newly constructed building by MERZ INNEN.ARCHITEKTUR offers modern smart working areas, which allow for effective working as well as for relaxation.

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